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Monday, November 27, 2006

Singapore tries to fight AIDs...but....

They have their hesds in the sands...first step should be to legalize gay sex...and allow gay men some dignity...
Singapore has formed a national policy committee to combat the rise of HIV cases, local media reported Monday.

The announcement came with the news that 137 HIV cases had been reported from July through October, bringing the total of new cases this year to 286, Channel NewsAsia quoted the Health Ministry as saying.

"I think the biggest issue and the most important thing is testing and I think we'll be talking more about that over the next few months," said senior state minister Balaji Sadasivan, who will chair the committee. "The fight against AIDS will be a long drawn fight."
Gay people need to be allowed to organize...that's ony possible when they end the stigma of being gay. Right now, who really wants to be tested? Once you're identified as being gay, your whole career is in jeopardy.


Blogger Suricou Raven said...

If social things dont allow them to do anything to explicltly help homosexuals, then there is a way they could at least end the stigma of testing: Encourage blood donations instead. Each donation comes with a free test, of course... and if anyone asks why someone gave blood, well, they just want to do their bit to save others.

The level of paranoia it would take to keep the blood safe would be difficult though - its bad enough over here. Perhaps they could turn it into an anonymous testing service as well - someone goes in, gives blood, but if they tick a box on the form then their donation is considered suspect and discarded. They can give normally on their next donation though.

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