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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Does Jeffrey Simpson of the Globe think the Jews Control the Government???

Check out this Globe & Mail blog....
Sasha Nagy writes: Wajid Khan's rumoured crossing over to the Conservatives has just been announced. Can you give us your thoughts on the significance of this defection?

Jeffrey Simpson: Wajid Khan will disappear after the next election. He signed up several thousand Muslims and won the Liberal nomination in a safe Liberal seat. The Liberals will nominate another Muslim against him, and he will likely lose. It gives a government a visible minority presence that it lacks, so in the short term this is good, and it balances a little the optics of a government that had pretty much handed its Middle East policy over to the Canada-Israel committee.
Isn't that pretty much saying that the Jews are controlling this government? Does he really believe that supporting Israel over genocidal murderers is an improper policy???

Hat tip: Melissa.


Anonymous Toronto Twink in Vancouver Centre said...

No Fred, I don't think Simpson is Jew bashing.

But, the Globe is just itching for Dion's Liberals to regain power. While you were away, an editorial (of at least their online edition) kept on refering how much Prime Minister Dion's leadership will be now that he won the Liberal Party leadership.

No-one is surprised at the Khan defection, as it should have happened months ago. Dion basically kicked him out of the caucus, which isn't being reported.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Globe and Liberal Party are desperate and power hungry - if blaming Jews for the world's problems or hating the right people, such as Americans, buys them the votes of the left wing bigots, that's exactly what they'll do, soft left wing bigotry is a vote rich constituent to exploit.

3:23 AM  

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