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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The BBC (like the CBC) also shows junk...

I'd look for the CBC to bring these shows to Canada...
The average age of the controllers themselves, of course, is well over 40. Their desire to appeal to the young is creepily reminiscent of seeing your uncle attempting karaoke, or a senior politician on the dance floor. It might not be anything more than embarrassing if the programmes were any good. Unfortunately, most of them aren't. Current affairs programmes have declined in quantity and in quality: there are ever fewer on the issues which matter, and ever more "lifestyle" programmes which end up more like freak shows.

Last week, for example, BBC 3 screened F*** Off, I'm Short and F*** Off, I'm a Hairy Woman. They were produced by the Current Affairs Unit, and count as part of the BBC's current affairs output. They followed the "ground-breaking" F*** Off, I'm Fat, which was evidently adored by the BBC's senior management. F*** Off, I'm Fat was mildly entertaining. But it had no public service element at all. It repeated, over and over again, the message that facilities and services of all types should be adapted to obese people, rather than that obese people should lose weight - so you might well reach the conclusion that it was, if anything, opposed to the public interest. It was at least opposed to the Government's message on public health.


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