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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Environmental Math...

Only the environmentalists can come up with math like this...

Westminster City Council is doing its bit to save the planet by installing energy-saving street lamps in every thoroughfare in the borough, the BBC reports.

The bold initiative follows a "successful trial" of the £1,000-a-pop Furyo Lanterns on Harrow Road which saved "on an average day", enough juice to light a house for two days and cut carbon emissions on the test highway by 0.28 tonnes over three weeks.

The bulbs in question apparently "reflect light in a much stronger way meaning low wattage bulbs can be used" and boast "solar microchips" which flick on the switch as required, replacing the traditional timer. Councillor Alan Bradley of Westminster Council trumpeted: "Not only will these lights make a significant difference to the environment, but they save money too. These changes are vital and will help preserve our heritage and the city for everyone to enjoy for generations to come."

So far so good. However, the Beeb says that if Westminster replaces all of its 29,000 street lights, it will save "up to £20,000 every year". Since the cost of the new, whale-hugging illumination is £29m, it will therefore recoup its outlay in a mere 1,450 years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this sounds like a typical government idea, to spend more tax dollars on a project than it will ever recoup.
Has everyone forgot that the first of the three R's of being caring and environmentally responsible and nurturing is REDUCE. The second is REUSE and the last is RECYCLE. So how do they suppose that this project fits this whole picture? It is irresponsible to proceed until they figure out how they will reuse and then recylce the old lights.
Does another community have the same lights that the old ones can be sent to for parts and reuse?
Where will they be stored in the interim?
With this kind of a cash outlay, can they not convert the borough in phases, and reuse the replaced lights themselves?

9:49 AM  

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