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Monday, July 09, 2007

When will Africans get rid of Mugabe...

He's bankrupted Zimbabwe, let his people to misery...and the AU just does nothing...

Zimbabwe's economy was approaching paralysis yesterday as petrol stations across the country ran dry.

President Robert Mugabe's regime has ordered all retailers to cut fuel prices by 60 per cent, a move that forces them to sell petrol at a loss.

As a result, filling stations across the country have stopped selling altogether and petrol is only available on the black market, at five times the official price.

Without fuel, the entire economy is steadily shutting down.

"It is certainly making a bad situation worse. Many companies will stop functioning," said John Robertson, an independent economist in the capital, Harare.

A bus driver in Harare said: "At the moment, even on the black market, there is nothing."

Basic foodstuffs have already vanished from supermarket shelves thanks to the regime's order that all retail prices should be frozen at their June 18 level.

Inflation has reached such a level that one banana costs the same amount as 15 four-bedroom houses seven years ago. The regime's behaviour has dismayed many business people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The situation in Zimbabwe is becoming so dire that Mr. Mugabe may become the victim of a coup; not that it would be a bad thing at all considering what this guy's done during his tenure, although it makes one wonder as to who would replace him and if they'd be any better.

12:15 AM  
Blogger Brian in Calgary said...

One can only pray for a coup. His replacement is not likely to be any worse.

Or, maybe Mugabe will do an "Idi Amin," and attack a neighbouring country, prompting said neighbour to invade and force a regime change. But, considering the loss of life that would likely happen, I'm praying for the coup.

6:26 PM  

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