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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How's this for respecting religion????

No one is going to help the Israelis stop the Palestinians...

The Waqf Muslim authority, using heavy tractors, has so far excavated a trench 120 -meters long, 1.5 meters deep, crushing fragments of monumental building, pottery and glazed tiles in their path. The trench runs through the northern and eastern parts of the 2,000-year old Upper Platform of Temple Mount, where the outer courts of the Jewish Temple were situated, including the Women’s Court, until the Roman destruction of 70 C.E. Today, the Muslim Dome of the Rock stands there.

Dr. Gabriel Barkai of Bar Ilan University is leading the protest against the wildcat, unauthorized Waqf project to improve the mosques’ infrastructure and demanding that the contents of the trench be scientifically excavated and documented before they are lost.

“This issue transcends politics,” he told DEBKAfile. “It is a tragic loss for world culture, as much as or more than the effigies of Buddha destroyed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. It affects the foundations of Judeo-Christian civilization – as well as Muslim history in Jerusalem – by ravaging one of the most important sites for the history of mankind.”


Anonymous Shawmut said...

In "The Battle for Jerusalem" Dore Gold gives a pretty good account of these 'archeological' intrusions. The whole issue of Islamic interests in Jerusalem is also portrayed.
It has become less a Palestinian issue. Though who'd spend the time to look into that?
At one point during the Palestinian conflict there were Christian members of their leadership. George Habash (terrorist though he was) was of an Orthodox background. At one time their foreign affairs was handled by a Dominican priest.
The Palestinian issue is no longer Palestinian.

11:28 AM  

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