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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bureaucrats gone mad...

Does fear of global warming bring on mad cow disease???

...the New York attorney general's office subpoenaed Dynegy, a company that is partnering to develop badly needed coal-fired power plants in Nevada and other states, because prosecutors "are concerned that Dynegy has failed to disclose material information about the increased climate risks Dynegy's business faces," Special Deputy Attorney General Katherine Kennedy and investor protection bureau chief Matthew Gaul wrote.

Their letter warns that tougher state and the federal regulations on carbon dioxide emissions are on the way, and they will add huge costs to the planned power plants. Dynegy, the letter asserts, is legally obligated to disclose to investors that global warming is real and indisputable, and that energy companies can expect higher production costs and taxes as a result.

The free-speech and economic ramifications of such a policy are staggering. Not only must publicly traded companies subject themselves to indoctrination, they must be able to predict exactly how government will make them squeal like pigs sent to slaughter. What might New York prosecutors do next? Require Dynegy to change its name to "Deniers"?


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