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Friday, September 28, 2007

Islamic History Month????

I saw a small ad in the Globe and Mail about Islamic History Month...

The web site claims that Victory and Kingston are the first cities to officially proclaim October as Islamic History Month. Will they really try to understand muslim history????


Anonymous Bob in Ontario said...

Never mind, Fred, I'm wait for February . . . that's Cheese Month! =P

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Riddle me this Tarek Fatah since you love to boast about Islam being in canada for about 150 years.

My dad is part North American Indian and canada help end Slavery that Muhammed endorsed in the Quran and we saw 2 world wars , Korea , females right to vote , Human rights marches in the 60's and various enterments camps for japanese and the Chinese head-tax .

So what the hell has islam done for canada or my Dad's people other than force the CBC to fabricate a Mosque surrounded by redneck Christian bigots just to pretend Islam = peace .

The Grand Muffti of Jerusalem
had alinged islam with Hitler and parts of the African and Bosnia SS were Muslim troops united in the 'Final Solution' to wipe out "The jooooos" , my dad still served for the British in the canada corp of the Army during WW2 even after all the drunken-indian slurs and pro-Catholic oppression in Quebec to godless natives.

How could Islam stand by for all those milestones in the History of canada but once 19 Muslims slaughtered 25 canadians on 9-11 we hear cries of "Backlash" and "Islamophobia" along with a plan to force the teaching of the Quran in Public schools because canada is so evil and racist towards Muslims.

I expect Rememberance Day to be axed to not offend the Muslims who stayed Mute as some joined Hitler's SS , maybe this is why the Islamic leaders praise Trudeau
since he mocked the death camps by wearing a Nazi helmet in Quebec during the 2nd world war as if to be funny and witty.

6:08 PM  

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