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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Al-Qaeda's new target....

The horn of Africa...yet another spot that we must pay attention to...
In the rapidly changing battleground against international terrorism, the arid plains of the Horn of Africa are becoming a steadily more significant base from which al-Qa'eda's followers can launch their attacks.

The Horn now ranks alongside the Middle East as the area of greatest concern to British counter-terrorism officials, coming second only to Pakistan, where al-Qa'eda's core leaders are ensconced.

Al-Qa'eda operatives based in the Horn, probably in the failed state of Somalia, could choose to target Britain, which has a large Somali community. Of the four men convicted for the failed bomb attacks in London on 21 July 2005, all were from the Horn and two were of Somali origin.

A few young Britons are also known to have travelled to Somalia in order to fight for the country's Islamist extremists. Meanwhile, al-Qa'eda may also strike in Kenya, which is filled with Western targets ranging from tourists to embassies.

Last week, America's embassy in Nairobi issued a new warning. "Islamic extremists in southern Somalia may be planning kidnapping operations inside Kenya," it said, adding that any abductions would be targeted at "Westerners", possibly tourists on the Kenyan coast.


Anonymous Lorraine said...

Somalia has been a huge contributor to our refugee intake, and immigration too.

There are a lot of pretty devout Muslims coming here from there. The Khalid Mosque seems to be their place to hang out, and some of the stuff on that website is bizarre, some of it scary.

This is going to be one group of refugees that we will definitely come to regret were permitted entry.

We need immigration / refugee system reform. NOW.

7:53 PM  

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