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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Keep this guy out of Canada!

A former advisor to Tony Blair would like to extend the nanny state....
Smokers should be forced to apply for an annual £200 licence in order to purchase cigarettes, a Government advisor has suggested.

The scheme would ensure smokers had to make a conscious decision to continue the habit and require people to become "registered addicts".

Prof Julian le Grand, a former advisor to Tony Blair, floated the idea during a speech this week. He also proposed banning food manufacturers from adding salt to products, an exercise hour for all employees during the working day and free fruit in offices.

The smoking permits were immediately lambasted as an excessive nanny state measure and "political suicide", given that their introduction would alienate the one quarter of British adults who smoke.
Could we put him on a no-fly list, so that he can't come here...


Anonymous Ben in Ottawa said...

Good Grief, Fred, let's hope Dalton and his sidekick Jim Watson don't hear about his! =P

2:55 AM  

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