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Monday, November 19, 2007

Iran is not being transparent...

As the items ays, they ration cooperation with the IAEA....
When Iran agreed in August to come clean on its nuclear history, U.N. inspectors cited an understanding to resolve questions by the end of 2007. Now, that target seems to be slipping.

Iran is rationing cooperation with inspectors and winning more time to persevere in a showdown with Western powers over its nuclear program, diplomats and analysts say.

They suspect Tehran is enriching uranium to fuel nuclear weapons, not diversifying its supply of electricity as it says.

The International Atomic Energy Agency reported on November 15 that Iran had finally clarified acquisitions of centrifuge enrichment technology in the 1980s and '90s from a black market run by the now-disgraced father of Pakistan's atomic bomb.

Iran's answers were "consistent with" previous findings of inspectors but had yet to be checked for completeness. The report gave no time frame for this, although agency officials earlier targeted November for resolving the matter.

Iran raised confusion by proclaiming the issue closed.


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