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Friday, November 23, 2007

The latest anti-semitic actions from Paris....

Again...distressing news...
A wave of anti-Semitic violent incidents in the Albert Camus neighborhood in Paris' 10th quarter has shaken the lives of the suburb's Jewish residents, who are becoming increasingly concerned for their safety.

In the last three weeks, four incidents of anti-Semitic nature were registered in the area. The first took place at the beginning of the month, when a group of about 15 youths forced Jewish teens to leave a local playground, claiming this was "Palestinian territory."

Several days later, two Jewish teens were assaulted while walking down the street. A local resident said that the assailants must have known the young men were Jewish. "This is a small neighborhood, everybody knows everybody and we all know who prays for which God."

On November 17, a Jewish teen was beaten during a football match and called, "a dirty Jew." On the following day, another Jewish teen was attacked.

The social housing neighborhood is mainly populated by emigrants from Africa and the Maghreb, and tensions between some of them and the local Jews are running high. Last week, eight-year-olds cursed one of their Jewish classmates, calling him "a stinking Jew."

"We are quite desperate," a Jewish resident said. "We are sick and tired of worrying when our kids go to school or go down to play in the yard. We are not asking for special or preferential treatment, only to live our lives in peace.

"We live in the heart of Paris. Where else cam we go to feel safe?"
I guess the answer is Israel. Or Canada...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More examples of muslim barbarity... I really can't wait for the west to wake up to the fact that Islam will never be compatible with civilisation. Seventh century barbarians cannot be redeemed, no matter how much you try.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel for the jews there, but seriously why are they there? This is a massacre waiting to happen. There's not a lot of reason for Jews to stay in much of Europe.

Principles be damned.... look after your kids first! There's no future in France for jews. Similarly in England, Belgium, Netherlands....

12:30 AM  
Blogger Jesse said...

There's no future in France for jews. Similarly in England, Belgium, Netherlands....

Are you positing the existence of a place that is safe for us? Where there is no antisemitism? Sign me up.

2:01 AM  

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