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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Punishing men.....

A good example of where men are hounded for no good reason...

"I need help, I need help getting my vehicle registered," Barry Finch told me last week. The problem: child support, not his, someone else's.

Back track to August. Finch bought a pickup and when he went to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get his license plate and registration he was told that the previous owner owed back child support. And because of that, he could not license the vehicle. "And I kept going to the DMV and they kept telling me no, you can't get it today."

When Finch bought the truck, the owner gave him what Finch says was a "clear" title, it showed no bank liens. What he didn't know was that the Child Support Enforcement Office had placed a "hold" on the vehicle in an effort to get the owner to pay his child support.

"Since all this started, I've tried calling child support. There is no response. I've been calling the guy for two months now every other week," says Finch.

This story is from Georgia, but it epitomizes from men are up against. A bureaucracy that buys into feminist thought that only sees men as walking wallets.


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