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Sunday, December 30, 2007

An interview with Wafa Sultan....

Wafa Sultan shocked the world with an interview on Al-Jazeera in which she took on the can see her interview on Youtube. Here's an excerpt of a recent interview with Wafa Sultan..
FP: What is the appropriate response to the threat of Islamic totalitarianism?

Sultan: First, the west must recognize that Islam is viewed by the majority of devout Muslims not merely as a religion but also as a political ideology of domination. Therefore it should not be treated by the west as a religion only. I have been told numerous times by the Muslim community where I live, that they are here to spread Islam and replace the American Constitution with the Islamic Sharia. One member flatly told me; “wait and see that America will soon collapse.” This is precisely why when 9/11 happened I was shocked but not at least surprised.

Up to February 2006 when my Al Jazeera interview took place, I felt the need to educate only the Arab audience with whom I have been sharing my writings on the issue of Islam. But then, following the interview, through gaining experience during speaking engagements and by being exposed to western audiences, I found out that unfortunately the west also suffers a lack of awareness about the realities of Islamism.

The west must thoroughly understand the Arab mindset. For example, our Arab society follows the Islamic eschatology which does not necessarily value and respect the present life, but equally revere life after - in paradise. Additionally, our concept of time is significantly different from that of the west. There is an Arabic proverb stating that “the Arab man took revenge after 40 years because he was in a hurry…” It highlights the notion that Muslims have the patience to slowly but surely achieve their objective for Islamic domination.

Ignorance is not a choice when dealing with this matter. The west must recognize that Islamism has no place in a liberal democracy and in open societies.

I will conclude with a quote I read by Mrs. Melanie Phillips; a British writer and journalist, from a speech she gave in Sweden last year. She stated; “We must defend our society in two ways; on the negative side we must stop Islamists recruiting to extremism and terrorism in our countries. On the positive side, we must strongly reassert our own values”

Thus, I am asking all free thinking individuals to rally behind my message. I pray that those who cherish our free way of life will march beside those of us; enlightened Arab and Muslims who speak up to save us all from the danger of Islamism. We should all be united in this fight.


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