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Saturday, January 05, 2008

I guess pork is out....

This really bugs me..the secrecy and the willingness to let a religion decide the menu for schoolkids...
Mums have criticised an Oxford school for serving halal meat in children's lunches without their knowledge.

Parents of pupils at Rose Hill Primary School, in The Oval, were angered by a letter they received from headmistress Sue Mortimer.

It informed them the halal meat, which involves slaughtering animals in a special way for consumption by Muslims, had been used in all school meals as part of the school's inclusion policy.

The letter said the reason for the decision was that since halal meat was not forbidden by any religion or culture, its use would allow everyone to choose a meat dish for lunch.

But parents had not been consulted and said they were upset by news the school had become the first primary in the county to ask caterers for all meat dishes to be halal, for a trial period.


Anonymous Crazymamma said...

Just the beginning, our local school asked parents not to send snacks during Ramadan as it would make the other kids uncomfortable during their fasting. If we insisted our kids would be sent to a "special" room so as not to offend. I can tell you many a parent was offended that their child would be ostracized for having a Apple or granola bar at the usual hour. Ridiculous, presumptuous, pomp-ass, pandering bureaucracy.

9:09 PM  

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