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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We now control the vertical....

Boy, I'm sure the Liberals will be looking at this....
California utilities would control the temperature of new homes and commercial buildings in emergencies with a radio-controlled thermostat, under a proposed state update to building energy efficiency standards.

Customers could not override the thermostats during "emergency events," according to the proposal, part of a 236-page revision to building standards. The document is scheduled to be considered by the California Energy Commission, a state agency, on Jan. 30.

The description does not provide any exception for health or safety concerns. It also does not define what are "emergency events."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And so many people still haven't figured out that the agenda of the environmental scare-mongers has nothing to do with the environment but everything to do with control over every facet of peoples' lives. It's a small step from controlling private heating/cooling by remote to Big Brother's watchful eye in every room

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ontario already does this to an extent. Ontario hydro has been sending out some notices offering customers $25 + a thermostat the customer can control over the internet.

The catch? Ontario Hydro can controll it too! They say that they will only bump your house temperature up (or down) on only the "worst" days.

No definition of criteria either.

It's funny...a thermostat is not something you tinker with on an hourly or daily basis. If that were true then web-accessable MIGHT be reasonable.

I'm waiting for the inevitable fee that will start showing up on bills because you haven't let Ontario Hydro control your furnace...

8:43 AM  

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