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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Global warming blamed for cold spell...

Once again, a headline blaming global warming for cold weather...
As Hong Kong shivers through its second-longest cold spell since 1885, scientists point to global warming to explain the abnormal cold weather phenomenon worldwide.

Unusually cold weather is gripping a number of countries, including China and Canada.

"We are seeing extremely unusual weather across the world," said polar researcher Rebecca Lee Lok-sze. "This is due to human activities and our style of living. Carbon dioxide emissions are heavy, which is changing the weather rapidly. We could see colder winters and hotter summers in the future in Hong Kong."

Greenpeace echoed the view, saying mainland scientists had also concluded that the extreme cold weather in China was triggered by climate change. "This does not only cause an increase in global warming but also causes extreme weather patterns," said campaigner Edward Chan.

Hong Kong yesterday recorded its second- longest cold spell - 21 days. The longest cold period - when temperatures fall below 12 degrees Celsius - lasted 27 days in 1968. This record is expected to remain intact as the thermometer is forecast to register a low of 13 degrees by Sunday.

Hong Kong has also experienced more than 456 hours of cold weather this winter - more than double the 205-hour record in January 2004.


Blogger Paul said...

In order to "believe", one has got to be completely daft. It amazes me that so many millions of people swallow this stuff. Unreal!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh... global warming is to science what scientology is to, well, anything.

These doofi make completely unsubstantiated claims, suggesting ANY weather phenomenon is due to global warming, and all their followers nod vigorously going "oh yeah yeah yeah that's totally true... I KNOW it".


12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad that the media will, without a hint of challenge, publish every cockeyed story that blames everything on global warming.

What's next? The dinosaurs died from human induced global warming. Ya know with these guys everything effects everything, so someone out there must believe that the future (even if it's based on models) must somehow be able to effect the past, so therefore AGW killed the dinosaurs. See it's easy. No evidence required

3:24 PM  
Blogger wilson said...

Then, one could assume, Global Warming is self-correcting.

It was sooooo cold in the West, that the pine beetles ( a GW creation) may have been irraticated or at the very least reduced to very small numbers.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The anti-science attitudes of right wing blogs is really scary. If any part of the blogosphere should have its shit together, its the right, but no such luck. Just because you don't like the answer , you say everyone in science is a stupid crook. Science is what made the USA great in the 20th century and it anti-science that is making us a third world country. The argument should be, what to do about it (if anything), not accusing a lot of hard working smart conscientious people that they are fools. "How could millons of people swallow this stuff" The answer is because the science is there. Dumb shit.

Yes, that fact today is hot or cold is utterly irrelevant to the discussion, but ten hot years in a row (more or less) is a big deal as are lots and lots of records broken. There have been huge changes in the Arctic. (I've worked there in geophysics). The dry valleys of Antarctica might show a slight cooling trend in the last decade, but the western Ant penisula is a lot hotter. I've been down there too.

There are about three climate scientists out there under the age of 70 that think that the Earth is not warming, right now. Everyone knows that water is the most important greenhouse gas. Lindzen early on suggested that the distribution of water would change to maintain an equilibrium temperature. Well 20 years on, that has not happened. Without some kind of negative feedback, the Earth must warm if the CO2 increase; we are just adding a bigger blanket. There is a lot of nonsense going around that all we are seeing is the effect of a changing sun, but that is just bullshit. The sun is important over the long term, but right now it is man that is making things change.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank heavens, one sane person comments here. When all the records around the world agree that we are having the warmest decade on record, and when island nations are in danger of complete submersion because Greenland and Antarctica are melting - what kind of person thinks one cold spell refutes the whole thing? In about 1960 it snowed in Ohio on my birthday - in May. What does that prove? Not much.

10:50 PM  

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