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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hideously white????

How on earth do people get away with saying such stuff...this is from the UK...
The BBC has launched its biggest ever drive to recruit from ethnic minority groups, as it attempts to counter criticism of a lack of diversity.

The corporation has announced that 90 employees will join a mentoring programme over the next three years.

Half will be from ethnic minorities, 18 will be disabled and the remaining 27 posts will be open to anyone.

The corporation denied that the move constitutes positive discrimination, which is illegal.

Just 4.4 per cent of BBC managers are from ethnic minorities, far below its target of seven per cent, set by Greg Dyke, the former director general who described the corporation as "hideously white".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The big problem with political correctness as well as communism is that those that set the policies never have to adhere to them. Thus, never having to feel the pain of their own ideals, the immature commie and idealist become the worst possible example of what humanity can be - tyrannical hypocrites. (real conservative)

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