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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Shame on Jack Layton....

He can't see the difference between the firing of rockets by the Palestinians onto Israeli cities, and the targeting of terrorists, and their rockets, by Israel. Here's a portion of the NDP statement.
New Democrats deplore the escalation of violence between the government of Israel and militants in Gaza and are profoundly alarmed by the loss of civilian life.

Whether Hamas rocket attacks on Israel or Israeli military campaigns in Gaza, violence against innocent civilians must stop. Notwithstanding every nation’s right to self-defence the Israeli government's response is disproportionate, and the use of rockets against Israeli civilians must be rejected. New Democrats condemn the massive loss of civilian life that is resulting from this escalation.
Israel never targets civilians; the Palestinians target civilians on a daily basis.


Anonymous Roy said...

I find it funny he condemned this action but won't condemned the action of the alkieda in afghanistan who cut off womens heads. and have no remorse for women at all.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Israel never targets civilians; the Palestinians target civilians on a daily basis."
A response to your formula -- dz Alex.

we can distinguish three categories of crimes: murder with intent, accidental killing, and murder with foreknowledge but without specific intent. Israeli and U.S. atrocities typically fall into the third category. Thus, when Israel destroys Gaza's power supply or sets up barriers to travel in the West Bank, it does not specifically intend to murder the particular people who will die from polluted water or in ambulances that cannot reach hospitals. [...]

Rather, they and their apologists regarded Africans much as we do the ants we crush while walking down a street. We are aware that it is likely to happen (if we bother to think about it), but we do not intend to kill them because they are not worthy of such consideration. Needless to say, comparable attacks by Araboushim in areas inhabited by human beings would be regarded rather differently.
Noam Chomsky

3:14 AM  

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