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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blockades and disruptions shouldn't be tolerated....

The government has to stand firm to Mohawk and other protesters...
The Mohawk protester who helped shut down a stretch of Ontario's busiest highway last June says Canadians can expect more disruption on May 29.

That's the date chiefs across the country have circled for another day of peaceful demonstration to push for urgent action on native poverty. Shawn Brant, who led highway and railroad blockades near Kingston, Ont., last June, says placard-waving won't cut it.

If anything, he says, militancy has grown over the last year.
if only they'd put as much energy into entrepreneurship...and assimilation.


Blogger stageleft said...

Yeah man, they should assimilate, just like our ancestors did!!

Seriously, until the federal level decides to get its' act together and not only take land claims and treaties seriously, but live up to their legal and constitutional responsibilities under them, you'd better get used to seeing a lot more of this sort if thing.

5:44 PM  

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