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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Global chill ahead???

More and more voices are being heard about the effects of solar activity....
Fluctuations in solar radiation could mean colder weather in the decades ahead, despite all the talk about global warming, retired Western Washington University geologist Don Easterbrook said Tuesday.

Easterbrook is convinced that the threat of global warming from mankind’s carbon dioxide pollution is overblown.

In a campus lecture, he cited centuries of climate data in an effort to convince a somewhat skeptical audience that carbon dioxide’s impact on climate is being much exaggerated by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and by scientists who appear to have won the debate over global warming.

“Despite all you hear about the debate being over, the debate is just starting,” Easterbrook said.

Easterbrook doesn’t deny that the Earth’s climate has been warming slowly since about 1980. But he argued that this warming trend fits a longstanding pattern of warming and cooling cycles that last roughly 30 years. Sunspot activity and other solar changes appear to explain the 30-year cycles, he said.

If that pattern persists, the earth could now be close to the next 30-year cooling cycle, Easterbrook said.

He noted that the 2007-08 winter set records for cold and snow in many parts of the globe. According to the data he displayed, the Earth’s temperature hit a peak in 1998 and has been steady or slightly cooler since then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The solar variation theory suffered a crippling blow. You obviously didn't get the memo. (new scientist) (journal article - download it free) (general info on WP)zt

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new scientist link is interesting. An environmental blog quoting an environmental online magazine that is one of many many publications housed by an institute of physics website. One whose links lead not to the papers referenced, but the body that supposedly produced the paper (meaning that paper means only what the envinonmental ciphers says it does, unless you have spare hours to track them down)

There is NO factual refutation involved. It describes a normalizing that attempts to see if there is any extra-solar effects when the differences in solar output are removed.

Sorry, the sun still drives things. CO2 is roughly twice was it was 200 years ago. If solar output was twice what it was 200 years ago, we'd all be dead.

1:51 PM  

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