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Friday, May 16, 2008

Massive anti-semitic graffiti in London...

This is just shameful...
London's Jewish community has been targeted by a wave of anti-Semitic graffiti.

Residents were today warned to look out for suspicious activity following the racist attack in north-east London.

Vandals sprayed shops, pavements and walls outside four synagogues in Clapton Common and Stamford Hill on Tuesday night. Worshippers were yesterday confronted with slogans such as "Jihad to Israel" and "Jihad to Tel Aviv".

Hackney council is removing the graffiti, which consisted of 40 pieces of writing.

David Greenwald, 20, who visits the Chasidey Belz Beth Hemedrash synagogue in Clapton Common, said the close-knit community was shocked.

"This morning I went to synagogue to pray and saw the writing all over everywhere - walls, shops, traffic lights," he said. "Everyone feels scared. Here we do not have any problem with Arabs - there has never been anything like this before, but now we are worried."

Another worshipper said: "It makes us feel that we are in exile. It could be kids doing it but even so, it shows something." The other synagogues were Satmar Beth Hamedrash Yetev Lev, Atereth Zvi Beth Hamedrash, and the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations. Yesterday further racist graffiti appeared in Bethnal Green.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no understanding of why Jews stick it out in the UK. Between the anti-semitism of the BBC, the general decline of the country, and the ominous demographic and political trends, there is no future for Jews in the UK.

Both the rapidly growing numbers of militant Muslims, and the rise of the BNP in response to the rising ethnic tensions in that country will make their lives increasingly difficult.

Their schools have to be guarded like prisons, their children are not safe walking to school, and the universities are hotbeds of antisemitism.

Is this our future in Canada?

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon: It is our future everywhere. We (Jews) are almost universally reviled.

We are a small group that has succeeded in spite of troubles, and have contributed much to the world of music, medicine, physics. And, we are "different".

When we act docile - that is, get on the trains like that nice man with the gun says - the world loves us.

When we turn around and deliver swift an repeated kicks to the cobblers of those who do us harm, the world condemns us.

I have often wondered this: will Israel soon reach a point where they start actually doing what the world accuses them of doing every day?

4:07 AM  

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