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Monday, May 26, 2008

Misandry is the norm...

Kudos to Barbara Kay for writing about misandry....
The family on the sofa is divided, but not equally. On one side a sullen, rather menacing father stares defiantly at the camera; on the other, a waifish, stressed-looking mother is shielding anxious children. The message of the advertisement is one we have heard or seen innumerable times in the media: domestic violence is only perpetrated by men, who are by nature disposed to controlling behaviours, while women and children (an inseparable unit) are always innocent victims.

I call it misandry, discrimination against men, but although the Ontario Human Rights Code bars “discrimination via signs or symbols,” I doubt that any charges of discrimination will be laid against the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which has been carpet-bombing the media with this ad. Its appearance in newspapers, bank statements and on the sides of buses is aimed at promoting awareness of domestic violence:

The image represents a half-truth and therefore a lie. The truth, established by all credible, peer-reviewed research, including our official number cruncher StatsCan, is that unprovoked intimate-partner violence is about equally split between men and women. Imagine another picture based on a half-truth: a woman on one side of the sofa, a man protecting children or even his aged mother on the other -- because women abuse the elderly and their children more frequently than men do. You never will see such an ad. Media bias against men is as notable for what you don’t see and hear as for what you do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But it doesn't end there , several TV ads and radio ads portray the Husband as a mindless idiot that the children even mock their Mothers choice for a Life partner to help raise her children.

How ironic that ever ad like this merely re-enforces the fragile female so desparate to pro-create that she lowers her standards and beds with the first abusive loser that comes along .

Don't forget the heterosexual Negative-bias though , one TV ad has the attractive female worker that feels safe around the Gay Manager and she accepts the verbal abuse during a hissy-fit over a black garment needed for a Fashion Show.
Talk about a dual stereoType , the gay/male/Fashion designer and the dizzy-blonde/Model-wannabe too stupid to know when she's being insulted .
In fact , most Ads that cater to the single-mom will usually have the thin/attractive/happy/man-free/home-owner with happy kids that now see how useless men are , plus.....both girls and boys in the ad are subtlely learning that females can screw-up their lives and blame all males for it .
The Homosexaul ads are equally insulting because every male i see are thin/good-looking/femminent- bent with no vices , and the lesbians are never like the ones in the news that we see getting married which are mostly butch with a mens-style short hair-cut.

Maybe some day the Pride Parade with include the Handicapped and Midget gays since the story we keep hearing is that people are Born that way , buy for now we have to live with the Knuckle-dragging dinosaurs in charge of the Event and the Mayor who shares this bigotry towards Midgets and Disabled.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Denis Pakkala said...

Misandry is normal, acceptable and even funny in Canada.

There are too many abused men who know what it is like to be further victimized by the Family Law system, the Police and Children's Aid Societies in Canada.

Thank You Barbara for giving a voice to male victims of abuse and male victims of Canadian injustice. To everyone else, we are just a joke.

3:27 PM  

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