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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother gets away with murder.....

Could you imagine if the father had killed the kids????
A Markham woman charged with drowning her two babies in the family’s bathtub was found not criminally responsible in a Newmarket court today.

Sivananthi Elango, 33, was charged in 2006 with two counts of first-degree murder after her daughters, Renu, 2, and Movlika, three months were found murdered.

Elango was also found in the tub with her throat and wrists slashed after a fight with her husband

“I find (Elango) committed these acts, but is not criminally responsible because of a mental disorder,” said Judge Michael Brown.


Anonymous jeremy Swanson said...

I have had some people (all women) write to me to suggest that the murderer (murderess?)be forgiven and excused for her actions because she is cultually different and her husband being culturally different would be more violent and thus probably caused her to act irrationally. So much for the "be different and be everything you were before you came here" position advocated by this absured Multiculturalism Act. Oh and of course just blame the husband.

12:28 AM  

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