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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Why isn't this all over the mainstream press????

Here's a story you won't see on CBC...
If you want to understand why murderous Islamic extremists still pour out of the Middle East, consider a small drama under way in Saudi Arabia right now.

A few weeks ago, one of the nation's most senior religious authorities directed that two reporters for a mainstream Saudi newspaper be executed for publishing stories suggesting that religions other than Islam are worthy of respect. In Saudi Arabia, malefactors are beheaded by sword, as the nation calls the punishment, often in public, outside a mosque just after Friday prayers. By official count, authorities beheaded 151 people last year.

So far, the two reporters, Abdullah bin Bejad al-Otaibi and Yousef Aba al-Khail, have not been put under the sword. They are still working at their newspaper, Al Riyadh. But they are reported to be terrified, and they have called on the government for protection. It has not responded, and the other Saudi papers have barely even mentioned the controversy.


Blogger KURSK said...

I can understand the cowardice when you live in the lair of the beast , so to speak..but it is inexcuseable to be so when you live in a country where freedom of the press is guaranteed.

A free press is often seen as an indicator of a healthy, vibrant democracy.It does them a diservice when it is they who self censor and will not report the truth when it comes to radical Islam.

They do so because they are scared that they will not have the courage of their convictions.They are cowards because they fear the violence will reach out and touch them if they tell the truth about these monsters.

The worst part is, they may be right..but if that is so, they have selected the wrong career.It's easy being a journo in the West..most will never have to find out if they truly value getting the message of truth to the masses..

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

imagine the outrage from the Leftoids and Liberalazis if the story was Israel planning to execute two Palestinian journalists for whatever.

Peter Pansbridge would be apoplectic.

12:10 PM  

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