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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 Green Heresies...

A good article in Wired about 10 Green Heresies...

The authors support the idea of human-induced global warming....but offer some hard truths for environmentalists..

1. Live in Cities. Urban living is kinder to the planet than the suburban lifestyle.

2. A/C is OK. Air-conditining actually emits less CO2 than heating.

3. Organics are not the answer. Surprise! Conventional agriculture can be easier on the plant.

4. Farm the Forests. Old-growth forests can actually contribute to global warming.

5. China is the solution. The people's republic leads the way in alternative-energy hardware.

6. Accept genetic engineering. Superefficient Frankencrops could put a real dent in Greenhouse gas emissions.

7. Carbon trading doesn't work. Carbon credits were a great idea, but the benefits are illusory.

8. Embrace nuclear power. Face it, Nukes are the most climate-friendly industrial-scale form of energy.

9. Use cars - not hybrids. Don't buy the new Prius! Test-drive a used car instead.

10. Prepare for the worst: Climate change in inevitable. Get used to it.


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