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Friday, June 20, 2008

Hamilton Gay Pride is Shameful...

Shame on the Hamilton Gay Pride Festival - they have banned the Canadian military from participating...
Hamilton's gay pride festival says it banned the Canadian military this year over alleged human rights violations around the world.

The decision has ignited a controversy within the gay community.

Some gays claim the military has changed since it overturned it discriminatory policies against homosexuality in 1992.

The Canadian military has participated in the Hamilton festival for several years, with members marching in the parade and setting up recruiting booths.

Festival organizers say they banned the military this year because they received a complaint from a new Canadian who feared the military because of previous persecution by soldiers.
This is so ridiculous...shame on these organizers...they know not what they do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a gay man who served in the military, I do find this stupid and petty.

But it is that mentality that I, who strongly support gay rights and have acted on those beliefs in a number of ways, stopped attending gay pride parades several years ago.

I appreciate they have them, but it's like gay prom or something for those who felt left out in high school.

Problem is most of us left high school years ago.

On a more positive note, this is the first I've ever heard of anything like this in the gay community, so sounds like the Hamilton group has gotten a little too comfy with the moral stamps they think they have the right to pass out . . . that's a risk for any community, be they gays or churches or neighborhood gardening clubs.

11:54 AM  
Blogger KURSK said...

As a former serving soldier in CAF, i also find this troubling.By acting on this spurious complaint, it makes the Canadian military the equivalent of a Colombian 3rd world army in the eyes of the organizers.

This is laughable of course, but shows the mindset of a select few in that group.

Perhaps they should reflect that it is these same armed forces that stands for all Canadians, gay or not, in their protection..

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the exact reason why I'm not going to build my ECO Inventions in Ontario , Politicians have allowed the GayStapo militant groups to hijack any event they can twist into a Human Rights issue for sexual equality.

I respect Mayor Miller and Dalton McGuinty as adults with a free will to make choices and hold them responsible for those choices , so if they Choose to allow public nudity by men who get their jollies in front of little boys on the Parade route as they flaunt their penis at them, then I have the free will choice to oppose Child-Abuse and pedophilia actions that Miller and McGuinty approve .

When the day comes when my Business is worth far more than what the parade reaps for Toronto in Tourism dollars, it will be too late for Miller and McGuinty to jump ship and suddenly oppose Child-Abuse and Pedophilia .
I've funded my Inventions because I don't want these slimey weasel to get near them and screw them up by all the rules and labour laws to drive of the costs so very few people can afford my products , it is not my job to bail out Miller and Ontario's Linerals who both lied their guts out to get in power and run the City and Province into a hell hole of financial messes and tolerance for Child-Abuse and pedophilia.

Just watch me once I launch my products in the USA and create Jobs for Americans to get off foreign Oil dependency and lower power consumption by 40% with a device so simple people will kick themselves for why they never saw it.
Even if i only take 1% of the $200 Billion dollar annual Global market for sales , that still $2 billion ayear befor any Military and Government Contracts to replace the current products eating twice what mine does and uses 33% more packaging to ship them compared to my design and unique shipping package.
Every time Oil goes up I make money once my Patent it done and the full scale version is built.
Yes I'm from Toronto and was born here, but for $2 billion dollars in my first year of Business I can be just a happy in New York or Texas , maybe even set-up a Office in Hawaii just for the Pineappale and Pig on a Spit .
I can't afford a House in Toronto right now , so at least in Texas the weather is nicer until I can afford a House.

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whether one agrees with it or not, the Hamilton Pride association has the right to invite or ban anyone they want to.

BTW, I happen to not agree with the ruling, but it is fully up to the Hamilton area GLTBs to set their own rules and regulations

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes they do have the right to be bigots , but they demand tolerance from others while showing no tolerance.
BTW, why does the term Gay appear first for the GLBT events, are Lesbians and transgender person lesser of humans in the eyes of Men.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for them. God hates sodomy it is an abomination. In the Bible; you can look this up for yourself; everytime it refers to a "gay" person they were a rapist. It is an aggressive sin that leads to AIDS etc. Jesus can free the sodomites from their perverted desires. Repent!

1:06 AM  
Blogger Michael James said...

They got a complaint from a new Canadian, well I have a word or two for Hamilton Pride "you stupid nellie fags you have been fighting prejudice the most of your lives and you let one guys opinon black list Hamilton as a city, you are , pathetic weak and do not deserve the right to be in control of such an important event in Hamilton". Why dont the organizers of pride and this complaintant get together and stand on an overpass when our next dead soldier comes home and protest his involvement in the war in Afgahistan. How dare you SHAME SHAME. Get a back bone and learn how to tell these New Canadians where we stand on petty opinion. After all we fought forever to have that opinon changes when it came to our rights as Gay men and women. Shame Shame

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Good for them. God hates sodomy it is an abomination. In the Bible; you can look this up for yourself; everytime it refers to a "gay" person they were a rapist. It is an aggressive sin that leads to AIDS etc. Jesus can free the sodomites from their perverted desires. Repent!"

I have indeed looked it up, and if you look closer I believe you will find just as I did that homosexuality is not a sin at all. I assume you mostly take your condemnation of it from the old testament Laws, most of which where laid down for the people of that time (or even for specific tribes at that time). Most of these laws were for the protection of the people in a time where sodomy was dangerous to ones health or when eating pork greatly raised one's likeliness of getting parasites. The logical conclusion is that God said these things to keep these people safe, but if you really believe that he intended them to be rules for all people of all time then you must also believe it to be an equally great sin to wear clothing of multiple colors (which at the time was a gross misuse of resources, but in modern day is perfectly acceptable).

Being a Christian I will also assume you value the New Testament to be more important, in which homosexuality is mentioned less then four times. All of which are specifically referring to "men with boys" thus meaning the Bible condemns pedophilia, and not homosexuality.

More importantly, Jesus himself was approached on the issue of homosexuality and chose to remain silent. As a Christian you should seek to follow in his example and choose to do the same.

Regardless of what you may want to believe about all of this, the fact will always remain the same that God loves ALL people, and chose to die for ALL their sins, without exception. So even if homosexuality somehow does count as a sin, that would still be a moot point.

3:45 PM  

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