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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Will Wilders be arrested???

The maker of the film Fitna possibly faces arrest....
The maker of the controversial anti-Muslim film Fitna, MP Geert Wilders, is afraid that he might be arrested while travelling abroad following a ruling by a court in Jordan earlier this week, reports Friday’s Volkskrant.

A group calling itself The Messenger of Allah Unites Us has called for an international arrest warrant against Wilders accusing him of racism, inciting hatred and insulting Islam and Muslims, reports the paper.

The group was also behind a call for a boycott of Dutch products in Jordan earlier this year. A spokesman for the foreign affairs ministry told the Telegraaf that the court had not yet issued a warrant for the arrest of Wilders, founder of the anti-immigration party PVV.

However, foreign affairs minister Maxime Verhagen is aware of the possibility that Wilders may be arrested and has ordered an analysis of the risks the MP faces.

One option would be for Amman to ask Interpol to issue an international arrest warrant, the paper says. But more likely would be for Jordan to ask foreign countries which Wilders may visit to arrest and deport the MP.


Blogger Just being honest said...

". . . insulting islam and muslims. " eh? Well, fuck you you medieval retards! Grow up and join the 21st century you thin-skinned, eternally-offended lying political opportunists.

I guess I can pretty much scratch visiting Jordan off my list.

Sorry Fred, delete away if you must but I just had to vent. I am sick and tired of hearing how mere words can, oh so, offend people who routinely advocate beheading as a remedy to free speech. Now that's offensive.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The United States is probably the only country he could safely visit. Stupid countries like ours jumped on board with 'international courts' and so forth. So the new 'internationalistes'(fascist Islamists) can hunt you down anywhere.

11:18 AM  

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