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Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't live near a windfarm....

Housing values plummet when near a windfarm..this is from the UK....
Thousands of homeowners may see the value of their properties plummet after a court ruled that living near a wind farm decreases house prices.

In a landmark case, Jane Davis was told she will get a discount on her council tax because her £170,000 home had been rendered worthless by a turbine 1,000 yards away.

The ruling is effectively an official admission that wind farms, which are accused of spoiling countryside views and producing a deafening roar, have a negative effect on house prices.

It means many other families living in the shadow of the giant turbines could see thousands wiped off the value of their homes, as the Government pushes ahead with plans to build 7,000 more wind farms over the next decade to meet ambitious green targets.

Campaigners also fear ministers want to remove the legal right to complain about noise nuisance, condemning those who live near wind farms to years of blight and reducing the opportunity for them to resist expansion plans.

Mrs Davis, who launched a nationwide campaign after her own home was rendered worthless by the deafening roar of a wind farm, claims ministers are tabling an amended to the Planning Act which will remove eight crucial words that previously offered at least some protection to householders.

"For people living near wind farms, both now and in the future, it will be a disaster," she said.

"There are many, many people living in Middle England who have worked hard all their lives and yet will see the values of their homes suddenly diminish.

"This isn't about Nimbyism, but the rights of ordinary people to live a normal life."

Mrs Davis, 52, a retired nurse, lives 1,017 (930m) from a wind farm at Deeping St Nicholas, Lincolnshire. Her husband, Julian, 43, originally bought the property from the county council and the couple had planned to extend it.

But the noise generated by the turbines is so severe, particularly when certain winds make all the blades rotate in unison, that it left the Davises unable to sleep. They currently live in a rented house a few miles away.


Anonymous johndoe124 said...

I would have thought the envirowackos would be lining up to buy her property.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It gets worse folks , those massive blades have the tips screaming through the air like helicopter rotors and now there is a serious risk for Mosquito born viruses getting to Humans .

Why you ask?

Well , those blade are chopping up the Bats that feed at night and consume massive amounts of Mosquitoes drawn to the bright lights but the Bats can't avoid the blade speeds from thier sonar that uses a feedback to map out an object , and now the birds are being killed in a violent death by the blades.

These were the same yahoos that wept over the Birds that flew into Office Towers in Toronto because Lights were left on at night and attracked birds during migration.

BTW , anyone notice how Global Warming is now "Climate Change" or CO2 pollution.
The original scam died a quick death when the Hockey-stick graph sent a slap-shot at Gore 5-hole while he didn'y wear a cup .

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Alberta Girl said...

"These were the same yahoos that wept over the Birds that flew into Office Towers in Toronto because Lights were left on at night and attracked birds during migration."

Or wept over 500 ducks that died in the "Tar Sands" (sounds dirty) tailing pond.

What about the millions of birds that are sliced and diced by wind farms. Where are the seal hunt protesters, where is PETA, where are the animal rights activists - oh right - they champion wind farms as being "eco friendly".

The last time I checked bats, and ducks and birds were all part of the "eco" system.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Just being honest said...

Push for wind power, house values plummet. Push for ethanol, corn production is diverted and food prices skyrocket. Push for compact fluorescent bulbs, fill our dumps with mercury. Left-wing eco-zombies will kill us all!

1:14 PM  

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