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Friday, July 04, 2008

Even if global warming is real....

Canada is in the best position in the world...
Canada is the best country to move to if you want to escape the dangers of climate change.

The Climate Change Risk Report examined how well equipped countries are to deal with the threats posed by global warming, from increased droughts to rising sea levels.

Developed nations scored best in the ranking with Canada top, followed by Ireland, Norway and Denmark. Britain came 12th, just behind the United States.

Dr Andy Thow, one of the authors of the study, said: "Canada is extremely well equipped to adapt to changes in climate.

"This is because of the low pressure on natural resources resulting from a low population density and large land area, combined with high agricultural capacity, a healthy economy, few development and health challenges and excellent public institutions."


Blogger hunter said...

Oh great, now we are going to have a flood (HA) of eco-nuts coming to Canada. We already have Suzuki, we don't need any more nuts.

Funny how Suzuki has been so quiet about the Dion tax grab. I wonder if he knows his non-profit corp is under investigation by Revenue Canada and so he can't appear to be too political. Guess money in his pocket trumps real environmental issues just like Gore.

Creapy, repulsive, money hungry individuals forcing tax money to their useless cause, while people in elder homes are neglected.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as "kooky zooky" has been mentioned he has been very quiet lately. Is he out touring Canada scaring the crap out of elementary school kids, in his giant bus with 6 people in it, which idles while he spends hours shilling for kid's lunch money?? I would like someone to tell me how many homes he owns , how big they are, and what he heats with??? He expects us to pay more taxes, how much does he pay with his phony "charitable foundation" Which is obviously a political organization. I remember this dweeb from the 70's when he pontificated about no one should have more than 1 child. He has 5 does he not.??

11:11 AM  
Blogger Ben Jones - Data Centre Design said...

In 2011, air-conditioning in the UK consumed some 48 PJ (13.3 TWh) of electricity causing emissions of over 2M tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere. This represents about 7% of all electricity used in non-domestic buildings and 14% of electricity use in such buildings for building services purposes (including lighting).Half of the “cooling” energy is actually consumed by chillers, with a similar used by fans and other ancillary equipment – especially in central systems.
To put this into context, this cooling energy use is less than the equivalent figures for France, Spain or Italy, and two orders of magnitude less than the USA or Japan. Even on a per capita basis, air-conditioning consumption in the USA is around 30 times than of the UK: Japan’s is over 50 times higher.

4:06 AM  

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