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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And...more refugees to flood into Norway.....

This is a recipe for disaster....
Norwegian townships will need to accommodate twice the number of refugees that they're already taking in, as a steady stream of persons seeking asylum turns into a flood. The state, meanwhile, has started publicizing what's required to actually receive asylum in the country.

Newspaper Aftenposten reported Monday that immigration agency UDI is now publishing what some critics call a "recipe" for winning asylum in Norway. Despite even some internal concerns, UDI is disclosing on its web site detailed descriptions of the conditions that can help would-be refugees in their quest for asylum.

Asylum-seekers from Afghanistan, for example, can have a better chance of winning asylum if they've made a "real" religious conversion, or if they've declared themselves as homosexuals. Asylum-seekers from Iraq, meanwhile, will have a good chance if they're single women without resources or a network in their homeland.

Frode Forfang, acting director of UDI, conceded there had been internal disagreement over whether such information should be revealed. He contended, however, that no details are revealed as to what can make an asylum application credible in the eyes of the authorities.

UDI concluded that publication of its notations help clarify what's required for asylum. Attorneys representing asylum seekers welcome the new information, after complaining that asylum rules are "horribly complicated."

Norway is bracing for a new wave of asylum seekers. After accepting 6,500 refugees last year, around 15,000 are expected this year. That compares to 25,000 expected by Sweden, but just 2,000 expected by Denmark and 1,500 expected by Finland.


Anonymous Magnus A said...

Additional information: To the 25000 expected asylum seekers Sweden will receive, there are even more relatives to immigrants which will come to Sweden and settle down here.

We got 100000 immigrants last year. Record high immigragtion for the second year in a row. Maybe 1/3 of them were Europeans, and presumably at least 1/3 of them were Muslims (slightly more than that came from Muslim countries).

This year the numbers will increase a bit, and a new record will be set. We'll increase our Muslim population with at least 5 percent of the total population per decade.

Sweden is extreme, and I think Denmark is not extreme. Immigrant avoid the relatively small obstacles there.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Magnus A said...

(The 5 percent increase per decade of Muslims in Sweden is, by the way, just my own best guess.

There are at present immigration numbers "only" 350000 arriving Muslims per decade, to add to the population of 9 millions. Thus at most a 4 percent increase.

But they are relatively young and have a several times higher birth rate than native Swedes. That's why I belive we'll have at least a 5 percent Muslim population increase per decade.)

6:47 AM  

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