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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Boy, the global warming people can exxagerate!

They love to scare-monger...
Much of the global warming debate is perhaps best described as a constant outbidding by frantic campaigners, producing a barrage of ever-more scary scenarios in an attempt to get the public to accept their civilisation-changing proposals. Unfortunately, the general public – while concerned about the environment – is distinctly unwilling to support questionable solutions with costs running into tens of trillions of pounds. Predictably, this makes the campaigners reach for even more outlandish scares.

These alarmist predictions are becoming quite bizarre, and could be dismissed as sociological oddities, if it weren't for the fact that they get such big play in the media. Oliver Tickell, for instance, writes that a global warming causing a 4C temperature increase by the end of the century would be a "catastrophe" and the beginning of the "extinction" of the human race. This is simply silly.

His evidence? That 4C would mean that all the ice on the planet would melt, bringing the long-term sea level rise to 70-80m, flooding everything we hold dear, seeing billions of people die. Clearly, Tickell has maxed out the campaigners' scare potential (because there is no more ice to melt, this is the scariest he could ever conjure). But he is wrong. Let us just remember that the UN climate panel, the IPCC, expects a temperature rise by the end of the century between 1.8 and 6.0C. Within this range, the IPCC predicts that, by the end of the century, sea levels will rise 18-59 centimetres – Tickell is simply exaggerating by a factor of up to 400.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This clown, Tickell, is simply exhibiting another manifestation of the disease that affects the MSM and the alarmist environmentalists. It's called profit-pumping. The MSM do it because stories about how the climate is always in a very slow, but constant state of flux doesn't grab the viewer's/reader's attention.
Authors do it to increase book sales or to get more grant money from gullible governments, universities, and foundations.
It's like that idiot author from Montreal (I won't even bother to look up his name since he is of such little consequence) who proclaimed that Alberta would be a desert by the end of this century and the Bow river would be no more. That's a pretty good prediction considering most meteorologists are lucky if they get the forecast right 48 hours in advance. I doubt if he has ever been to Alberta and, if he has, I doubt he ever left the saloon long enough to look around.
Southestern Alberta has been a semi-desert for hundreds of years and it will probably get drier for a time and then wetter again. There is cactus, tumbleweed, and rattlesnakes to be found there. Alberta itself has been under, then above the Pacific Ocean so many times over the millenia that it must have a basement strata of cork.
Neither the MSM nor the eco-Nazis are to be taken seriously. They are both looking for headlines that can put more money in their pockets, and the fools who believe them either have their own agenda to push or are just plain stupid.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know people generally are not stupid or really gullible. They saw that the world might have been warming and consequently became alarmed at the possibility of such climatic changes. Now that warming has ceased and cooling setting in we will have the other side coming out with dire predictions. All you have to do is look outside and see how the climate changes over the years. This year I expect an early frost in Alberta ( it was -1 in Lake Louise last night)and this really makes me suspect the apologists for warming.
Time will tell. I still remembered how worried my parents were in the 60's over the possibility of a further cooling of the earth.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have trouble trusting people who can't even predict the weather telling me the world is going to burn....people are naive in their belief that they truly understand how the world works.

12:06 AM  

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