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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Change of leadership of Hamas????

Gee, they say the radicals are taking over...I thought Hamas was already radical....
The results of a recent election held for one of Hamas's key decision-making bodies are likely to hinder efforts to free kidnapped IDF soldier St.-Sgt Gilad Schalit, sources in the Gaza Strip told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

The secret ballot was held about 10 days ago for the Shura (Consultative) Council, which is made up of Hamas's senior political and religious leadership and is tasked with discussing all important issues.

The names of the Shura Council members are kept secret, although it is believed that some of them are based in a number of Arab countries.

The sources told the Post the vote resulted in a major victory for representatives of the "young guard" in Hamas, most of whom are affiliated with the movement's armed wing, Izzadin Kassam.

The sources described the victory as a "coup," pointing out that the newly-elected members were far more radical than those who were ousted from the council.

"The Shura Council of Hamas is now dominated by warlords, thugs and militiamen," one source said. "The new members are not as educated as their predecessors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

one election, one time, one hitler (until the next Hitler comes around). When will the world pay attention to the exporting of Iran's toxic mullocracy & antisemitism and destruction of formerly sane nations (viz, the former "Paris" of the middle east, Lebanon)?
An atom bomb in the hands of these murderers? Russia supplied, and we are told we are not in another cold war?
How long must we wait, and how much damage must we suffer before we again elect leaders with a spine?

3:15 AM  

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