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Monday, September 29, 2008

The far right wins in Austria....

As Melanie Phillips points out, if mainstream parties won't fight Islamism, then the fascists will be the ones who will do so....
The awful thing is that, as the far-right advances and social disorder increases – as it will -- muddled liberals and malign leftists will blame these political and social calamities on ‘the far right’. As a result, the steady encroachment of Islamism will proceed apace -- and anyone who objects will also be demonised as ‘the far right’. The rise of the neo-Nazis will thus turn the defence of democracy toxic. There is therefore a danger that the only people who will be fighting the Islamic fascists and in defence of the nation against the supranational supremacists will be the fascists.

If this truly frightful outcome is to be avoided, it is imperative that social democratic politicians in Britain and Europe wake up from their trance and realise just what it is they have to defend, and against whom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is all part of the cycle. The left come in and screw everything up and then the right is called upon to fix everything. (real conservative)

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is sad but true. In this country the HRCs exmplify this oppresive drift toward the subjection of the majority to the demands of the minority. These institutions have allowd themselves to be hijacked by the vocal few who, having no legitimate complaint, have found a willing co-conspirator in the suppression of free thought and dissent in this country. What these special interest agitators and their overly zealous supporters fail to realize is that there is an invisible line that, once crossed, will lead to a 180 degree turn in public opinion. It doesn't come gradually, but like the straw on the camel's back, it is a sudden and often violent reaction to events that most people have chosen to ignore until that line is crossed. The professional complainers who find hatred in every word or glance, and their quasi-legal enablers, had better beware or the mob may turn on them.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Europe is so far to the left these days. A good book to read on the subject is "When Europe Slept."

What's the Canadian equivalent of a far-right European? A Red Tory..

11:20 PM  
Blogger Miles Lunn said...

I think this was if anything more of a backlash against the two main parties SPO and OVP who were part of a grand coalition that was seen as unproductive and unpopular. Also, the BZO and FPO are the only two Eurosceptic parties so they picked up many anti-EU votes as in the last few years opposition to the EU is become more widespread, not just amongst your usual Eurosceptic countries such as Britain and Denmark. In addition, the possiblity of Europe becoming predominately Muslim is plain nonsense. For starters, immigration rates in Europe are substantially lower than Canada and the visible minority population is much smaller. In Canada it is around 16%, while in Austria it is under 5%. Never mind most of the Muslims are either from the Balkans or Turkey, otherwise secular countries. It is not like France, Britain, Belgium, or the Netherlands who get a lot from the more conservative Islamic countries. Besides, multiculturalism if done properly can work very well. If immigrants feel they belong to the community they live in, there will be a greater sense of pride in their country and greater willingness to integrate. In Canada, most immigrants are extremely proud to be Canadian, but in Europe many have little or no pride in their country and I don't totally blame them when one considers how they are viewed by the public.

I don't see the Austrian results as a good thing at all. I only hope that this leads to governments doing a better job of explaining the situation and debunking all the myths promoted by the far right.

Anonymous - I would disagree that Europe has is quite left wing today. In fact the majority of European countries have centre-right governments and although they may be a tad more centrist than the Conservatives in Canada, they are in most cases to the right of the Liberals and in all cases to the right of the NDP. Heck, even most Social Democratic parties in Europe are not as left wing as the NDP.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Libertymad said...

It is bad news, because the Austrian national-bolchevists have very little in common with Holland's Pyn Fortuyn. They are also against free trade and globalization and their parties' planks complains about the lack of ethnic Austrian restaurants (if ethnic Austrians do not want to open restaurants, it is their problem, not the government's). Also, they guy has praised Venezuela's Hugo Chávez for standing up against America.

6:19 PM  

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