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Friday, October 24, 2008

AqsaTube - the latest films from Hamas....

Yay....we can now see the latest suicide bomber films...
An Israeli intelligence think-tank and a Hamas video Web site seem to be playing a game of cat-and-mouse with each other.

Last week the Intelligence Terrorism Information Center, a Ramat Hasharon-based research center closely associated with Israel's Shin Bet and Military Intelligence, released a report detailing the establishment by Hamas of AqsaTube, a video-sharing web platform closely modeled on the popular YouTube, but filled with videos praising suicide martyrdom and showing how to build bombs and carry out attacks.

Following publication of the story in The Jerusalem Post, Google removed its AdSense program from the Hamas Web site, and one day later, AqsaTube's French Internet Service Provider OVH took the Islamist site off-line.

But on Wednesday, AqsaTube was back up, bigger and more brazen than before.

The Hamas site obtained a new service provider, a new logo, brand new videos and some new ads. The graphic design of the site underwent a number of changes. The original logo, whose color was almost identical with that of YouTube, was now yellow and gray and bore its name in Arabic and a picture of the Aksa Mosque. The site was still registered to Abu Nasser Skandar, from Dubai.

On Thursday, the ITIC released its second report on AqsaTube, detailing its return and all its new features. In a carefully calculated move, the ITIC, in its report, highlighted a video on AqsaTube praising deceased Chechen terrorist Kuttab.


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