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Monday, October 06, 2008

Europe confused about global warming....

Lorrie Goldsteing is right - politicians should not use Europe as an example of how to 'fight' global warming....
How many times in this election have you heard a "green" party leader -- say Elizabeth May, Stephane Dion or Jack Layton argue: It's time Canada followed Europe's example in fighting global warming?

But what "example" do they mean?

It would be helpful if they would tell Canadians, whose votes they're seeking Oct. 14, about what's really going on in Europe with regard to attempts there to reduce carbon emissions.

For starters, how about referencing the article "A changed climate" in the Oct. 2 edition of The Economist?

Among other things, it reveals:

- The 27-member European Union's proclamation of 18 months ago "to save the world from climate change" is in huge trouble, with many countries in danger of missing their Kyoto targets and soaring energy prices hammering their economies.

- German Chancellor Angela Merkel, once regarded as Europe's "green champion," "today ... sounds like a lobbyist for German business, listing the industries that must be shielded from the full costs of her (climate) package."

- Indeed, notes the Guardian, "the heroic mood" of the EU last year is long gone while "almost every country has found reasons why the climate change promises may be impossible to meet in their current form."

Ireland wants special protection for its farming industry. Poland and several other former Soviet satellites are worried they may have to import natural gas from Russia to meet their EU targets, especially in light of Russia's war with Georgia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing how the claims from the green-at-any-cost advocates are never challenged by the media. The industrial economies in many western European states were collapsing from the emigration of manufacturing away from the onerous levies applied to them in he name of the green economy. This was happening well before the current banking crisis raised its head. Many of these countries, especially super-green Germany, are now backing away from their over zealous application of taxes and penalties applied to all levels of industrial activity.
The espousers of the green philosophy in Canada also fail to mention that most of the goods delivered in this country cross the equivalent of three or four European countries just to make a delivery to a single city. Our small population, spread out over a vast landscape, ensures that Canada will always face the problem of greater fuel consumption per kilogram of product delivered.
The other rather incongruous policy of the greens, most of whom espouse a left wing philosophy, is the fact that while holding up European efforts to go green as the benchmark for Canada to follow, they assiduously denigrate any reference to the European system of health care as an example to be followed.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Louise said...

Our small population, spread out over a vast landscape, ensures that Canada will always face the problem of greater fuel consumption per kilogram of product delivered.
EXACTLY!!! Not to mention cold winters requiring longer periods to warm up our vehicles and more energy to heat our homes and workplaces. Sheesh!

8:46 PM  
Blogger langmann said...

Sweden actually has its CO2 output rising yearly.

The Green Shift is likely to increase CO2 emissions anyway. Click Here for article

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that the NDP's Peggy Nash used my tax dollars to send me a pre-Election flyer in the guise of a Ward 14 Riding info update, but she had the nerve to expose her ignorance by listing CO2 as a polutant that we mush get serious about to save our Future.

Someone give her a call and educate her about how Humans exhale CO2 that the Plants and trees absorb and use-up to expunge as Oxygen that keeps us alive.

Miller ,Nash,Chow,Pirks,and DeNova all support the CNE AirShow and the CNE auto race which causes more deaths and polution that any car could if left running for a year straight.
Even the Pride parade uses Diesel powered vehicles that spew toxic soot and yet these events bring in tourism dollars while it's Canadians that die from the smog and toxins after all the tourists have gone home.

Global-Warming was exposed for the hoax and fraud it is , so now the Yahoo's must invent a new crisis which is really serious and it is caused by us Humans that should be taxed for exhaling .
It's OK to inhale , but don't you dare harm the Earth by polluting it when you empty your lungs.

11:45 PM  

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