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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

California votes to ban gay marriage....

This is incredibly disappointing. And, where was Obama to help defeat the initiative? Here's part of a nice piece by Andrew Sullivan on this defeat...
But some perspective from someone who has fought this fight as long and as personally as anyone in this country. Twenty years ago, equality of gay couples was a mere idea. Forty years ago, it was a pipe-dream.

In the long arc of inclusion, we will miss our goals along the way from time to time. Today, we have full marriage rights in two states, we have many civil marriages in California that will remain in place as examples of who gay people really are, we have civil unions in many more places, and marriage rights in other parts of the world, as beacons to America. And this is a civil rights movement. It goes forward and it is forced back. The battle to end miscegenation took centuries. These are the rhythms of progress. Sometimes losing, and being shown to lose, shifts something in the minds of those watching as a small group is punished for daring to dream of full civil equality. In this battle we have already had far more defeats than victories. But each time, we have come closer to our goal. And in the hearts and minds and souls of so many, we have changed consciousness for ever.

California has full civil equality in law for gay couples. In time, full civil marriage equality - the only real measure of equality - will follow. And it will spread, state by state, more slowly now, and perhaps more organically from legislatures, rather than courts, which would not be the worst idea. And observing this backlash against us will reveal to many the cruelty of allowing majorities to take the rights of tiny minorities away.

If we had won this, this civil rights battle would be all but over. Now, it isn't. So we get back to work, arguing, talking. speaking, debating, writing, blogging, and struggling to change more minds. The hope for equality can never be extinguished, however hard our opponents try. And in the unlikely history of America, there has never been anything false about hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Obama was running in a presidential election. Private initiatives like these likely won't work when courts have already held that denial of gay marriage offends constitutional rights and protections.

You, on the other hand, won't have anything to worry about until Harper gets a majority.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record , the issue has been portrayed as a "Same-gender" Right for being deemed equal to Married.

I have never once heard of any demands to prove a sexual preference or act of sex to be granted a Marriage License .

If you can cite me just one word in the Canadian ruling for Gay-marriage I'd love to see it for myself because the new challenge is that if 2-people of the same gender can be called "Married", then why can't 3 or 4 person's be deemed married.

Marriage IS NOT a Human right , it has been a Social value and just because some people get a divorce it does not mean that we throw out all the standards and make Marriage a Legal Loophole for Company benefits from the partner with the better plan .

3:52 PM  

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