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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The nuts come out of the woodwork...

Here's an email I received today in regards to the CanWest article on Gay Dominion....
According to an article in the Ottawa Citizen, you became a 'free-market libertarian' because of the 'horrors' of guerrilla attacks of 9-11.

First, the death toll of 9-11 was insignificant compared to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians murdered or forcibly ejected from their homes by rapacious Zionist invaders who coveted their assets and land. The 9-11 guerrilla fighters were (1) only seeking redress for past wrongs, (2) sending a message that those who aid and abet the Zionist invasion are as guilty as the Zionists who pull the trigger (just as the Nuremberg Trials found regarding other parties), and (3) looking for Zionists to atone for their egregious behaviours and make amends.

Second, the connection between 9-11 and your conversion to 'free-market libertarian' is suspect. What possible connection could there be except your misuse of 9-11 to postulate an unethical world out-of-control as an excuse to enable yourself to give vent to your own out-of-control greed and lack of ethics.

Third, the Gay Dominion mission statement mentions free markets which of course is a euphemism for unfettered, unprincipled greed free of regulation to safeguard the rights, life and health of others. It gives lip service to personal responsibility but is really promoting responsibility for actualizing one's greed. Personal responsibility entails not viewing other people as units of production or consumption nor as pawns for your own personal use.

In short, you and Gay Dominion are self-absorbed frauds.


Blogger West Coast Teddi said...

Fred ... you have chosen to fight "the good fight" on a number of fronts. Stay strong and don't get discouraged. There are many who are behind you, who appreciate your writings and opinions, and who truly respect what you do and who you are. We are conservatives and we are "right"!!

3:19 PM  

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