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Thursday, February 26, 2009

European court rules that Turks can enter the Netherlands without a visa....

This is a very dangerous all of Europe can be flooded by Turks entering through the Netherlands...
The global financial crisis has hit Turkey hard. Just as in the United States and Europe, job losses are the order of the day. But in spite of it all, the Turks still have something to celebrate. For the European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of two Turkish plaintiffs who were sick of having to move heaven and earth in order to obtain a visa to travel to an EU country.

The press is jubilant and the business community has immediately called for assurances that this verdict not be allowed to disappear into the back of a drawer. As they see it, the Turkish government should immediately enter into negotiations with the EU's member states to ensure that the verdict has tangible consequences.


Blogger J├Ârgen said...

That is just plain silly. There is no evidence that people will be leaving their house and homes for this reason. The same thing was expected inside the EU when the baltic and eastern european countries entered the Schengen zone and got a chance to work and live in the whole EU. No social tourism existed!

Already today there are lots of turkish people living in for example Germany and Sweden, and they are not seen as a threat at all. It's all about racism and prejudices. When swedes migrated to the USA and settled down in the north, nobody saw this as a threat. And I don't think that people will have that view today either.

We must stop this discrimination against muslims and give them the same rights to live and work in the EU. Not only christians.

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