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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Israel Apartheid Week...

Get ready for an obscene next week, as many Canadian Universities host their Israeli Apartheid Weeks....thus showing they know little about apartheid.

Here is a list of organizations sponsoring the obscenity in Toronto:
Israeli Apartheid Week Toronto is endorsed by the following organizations:

* Canadian Arab Federation
* Palestine House
* Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
* Caribbean Studies Student Union (UofT)
* Equity Studies Student Union (UofT)
* Health Studies Student Union (UofT)
* CUPE Ontario International Solidarity Committee
* CUPE Local 3907
* CUPE Local 3903
* CAW Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy
* Not In Our Name: Jewish Voices Opposing Zionism
* Critical Area Studies Collective (UofT)
* Centre for Middle Eastern Studies
* No One Is Illegal
* Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
* Always Question (UofT)
* Canadian Forum for Justice and Peace in Sri Lanka
* Barrio Nuevo
* NOCOPS (Newly Organized Coalition Opposing Police in Schools)
* Women in Solidarity with Palestine
* Common Cause
* Faculty for Palestine
* Palestine House Youth Program
* Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance-Ontario
* Toronto Women's Bookstore
* SPHR National
* Latin America Solidarity Network
I'd like to know how many faculty members are in the 'faculty for Palestine' group and how many of them teach history. Why on earth is the Women's bookstore supporting such a travesty? Does the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty realize that Israel has always provided the best route out of poverty?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radical left wingers love radical Islam.

What do you expect?

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Rockford said...

One of the most constructive things written on this issue is the statement from the Alumni for Responsible Speech
which states that "universities should tolerate free speech as long as it doesn’t upset anyone, but we also believe that universities, as public institutions, have a duty to ensure a safe learning environment for students and faculty, and to take corrective action when free speech or academic freedom are misused in an irresponsible way."
Their statement sets out concrete steps that can and should be taken to ensure a safe learning environment.

11:49 PM  

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