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Sunday, February 22, 2009

There goes Amnesty again...

Amnesty International would like Israel to have nothing to defend itself with....
More than 20 countries sold Israel weapons and munitions whose use during Operation Cast Lead could constitute war crimes and might pose serious infractions of international law, according to a report to be released by Amnesty International on Monday.

The United States is at the top of the list of arms exporters to Israel, but France, Romania, Bosnia and Serbia are listed as well. Amnesty's report, entitled, "Fueling Conflict: Foreign Arms supplies to Israel/Gaza," details arms sales to Israel between 2004 and 2007, and publishes some of the organization's findings on the use of such weapons against civilians and civilian targets.

"Direct attacks on civilians and civilian objects, disproportionate attacks and indiscriminate attacks are war crimes," the report states, describing such attacks during the war in Gaza. The organization recommends that all arms sales to Israel be frozen until "there is no longer a substantial risk that such equipment will be used for serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses."
I used to really like Amnesty. In fact, I used to write letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience. But no longer. Amnesty has become an Israel-hating, man-hating, western culture-hating organization. Shame on them.


Blogger Thucydides said...

"Direct attacks on civilians and civilian objects, disproportionate attacks and indiscriminate attacks are war crimes"

I can't wait for Amnesty International to indict Iran for selling artillery rockets to Hamas...oh, wait.

12:53 AM  
Blogger Powell lucas said...

Amnesty has become just another left-wing bureaucracy controlled by the professional trough-feeders who long ago realized that the easiest way to a life of non-productive inertia was to secure a government job or to gain influence in some advocacy group. This type of work is attractive to this sort of person since it involves no real work and allows plenty of time for political machinations which will allow one to secure a position that is safe from unemployment.

12:59 AM  
Blogger Vilde Naomi said...

i am unpartial.

well amnesty is actually against irans arms trade to gaza, the reason why they focus on the arms trade with israen is that a lot of ends up in gaza as well. there has been a substantially bigger number of palestinian civilians then israelians. becuase they have more effective artillery where one machine is the equivalant of hundreds of palestinian arms. also, there was a bombing on a palestian water plant, and since is has been illegal to import tools to build it up again.

i want to ask this question however: since it is hard to find someone that knows alot about israel and support their rights to the land. it comfines to the actions around the settlers in the west bank. the united nations have not given israle the right to this land, so it is officially an occupation. where only those of the right faith is allowed to drive on the roads between villages, and where jewish people live right next to muslims, but the jews have fresh water (from the west bank) and have built pools and fountains. and the muslims next door have to boil their water because it isn´t clean, and sometime it doesn´t even come anny water from the tap. i am just stating facts, and i want an opinion as to why this is okey. thank you, for helping me understand the perspektives better. Vilde from Norway

8:24 AM  

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