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Saturday, March 28, 2009

2 Muslims charged with bombing prosecutor in Sweden...

All part of the jihad in Sweden...
Two men have been charged for the bomb attack on the home of chief public prosecutor Barbro Jönsson in November 2007.

Arabzadeh Mohammad Abadi, 25, and Moayed Abedi, 24, were indicted on charges of aggravated public endangerment and aggravated threats and intimidation in connection with the bombing of Jönsson's home in the south-western Swedish town of Trollhättan on November 20, 2007.

Jönsson, who had just left for work when the blast ripped off the front door of her house and shattered her hallway, "would have been in a life-threatening position" had she been inside, according to the charge sheet filed with the Vänersborg district court by prosecutor Urban Svenkvist.

The explosion also put "the lives and wellbeing of people outside the house in danger," it added.

Jönsson had at the time of the attack been prosecuting a case against a violent criminal gang called the Wolfpack Brotherhood.

"The crime is considered aggravated because (the two) showed particular ruthlessness and because the attack was against (Joensson's) private sphere and aimed to affect her in her work fighting organised crime," the charge sheet said.

The bombing was one of the first overt attacks on a Swedish prosecutor and prompted calls to root out a growing problem with criminal gangs in the Scandinavian country.


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