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Thursday, March 12, 2009

China's CO2 emissions set to double....

I've blogged on this topic many times - significantly reducing CO2 is just impossible if China keeps increasing its emissions....
It sounds like wishful thinking: The United States, under new President Barack Obama, forges an alliance with China to combat emissions. The world's two largest sources of carbon dioxide finally face the problem. The treaty crowns the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen at the end of 2009, when a successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol -- which, as everyone knows, the United States never ratified -- will be adopted. Third World countries and emerging economies never had to do it, but in Copenhagen rising economic powers like China make a binding commitment to curb their emissions.

It probably is wishful thinking. It has almost nothing to do with reality.

"Many Western industrialized nations want China to commit to reducing its CO2 emissions," says Dabo Guan of the Electricity Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge in England. "But the country will not even be capable of doing so."

Guan, a native of China, together with colleagues from Norway and the US, have published several studies on the issue, most recently in the academic journal Geophysical Research Letters (GRL). The scientists base their conclusions primarily on the latest data compiled by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and China's National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The outcome of their analyses is unsettling. Even with substantial increases in efficiency and the broad introduction of climate-friendly energy technologies, China's CO2 emissions, they claim, will almost double in the next two decades compared with 2002 levels.


Anonymous Sean Calder said...

You and me both Fred! Way back in 2005/2006 when the Conservatives took over, and the opposition started wailing about Kyoto, I was shocked to learn (through my own investigation of course) how much CO2 China and India pump out each year to the tunes of billions of megatons each, as compared to Canada's millions.

I argued that China alone could roll over the in the middle of the night and "pass gas" and that would blow away any gains we could potentially make over the next 10 years! As such, what would be the point of us doing anything unless China and India et al were on board?

But then, I'm an evil and nasty planet killing denier...

10:59 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

"... The world's two largest sources of carbon dioxide finally face the problem. ..."

... uh ... what exactly is the problem ?

Other than the likes of Suzuki , Gore and the fraudulent IPCC (which based a lot of results on flawed temperuature sensors in the US )there is no scientific proof that CO2 is the cause of global warmmm... oops I mean global cooling , because that is what has happened in spite of CO2 increases.

BTW ... more people die when it is cold than when it is warm according to another UN study.

... and CO2 is really good for plant growth ... eg ... FOOOOOD !!!

... so I repeat what is the problem?

If you are talking about pollution ... FINE but cut the crap about CO2 causing global warming.

1:24 PM  

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