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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More on the EU report on discrimination against gays...

Ok, I went through the entire report and here is what they say about attacks from Muslims:

First, they only talk about 'men in groups.'
Homophobic hate crime affects LGBT persons in various ways. Verbal aggression is the most commonly experienced type of hate incident, and usually occurs in public spaces. Young people are subjected to assaults more than other age groups (including bullying at school), while lesbian and bisexual women are more likely to experience sexual assaults or assaults in private settings than gay or bisexual men. The perpetrators are usually young men in groups
.Young men in groups???? Could that be a veiled reference to muslims?

They then have 3 paragraphs on the 'ethnic' perpetrators of attacks on gays:
Regarding ethnic minorities as perpetrators of LGBT hate crime, despite the paucity of relevant research, public debates often point to views on homosexuality as a marker of difference between ethnic majority and ethnic minority groups, and victim accounts sometimes identify ethnic minorities as perpetrators of anti-LGBT violence. The existing research does not associate other factors such as social class, education, employment status or religious beliefs with ethnicity.

The German MANEO-Study on hate crime against gay and bisexual men in Berlin reported that perpetrators were perceived as having an ethnic minority background in 16 per cent of incidents.

In a Dutch report on Amsterdam, young men of Moroccan origin were overrepresented as suspects of anti-gay violence. The report concludes: ‘Perpetrators of anti-gay violence are not inspired by religious beliefs. Those perpetrators who are Muslim ave only a superficial knowledge of the Koran and rarely go to mosque. The motives of the Moroccan perpetrators are almost the same as those of the indigenous Dutch perpetrators: views and emotions regarding sex and gender. However, Moroccan boys mention anal sex and the visibility of homosexuality as what they regard as the most
reprehensible aspects of homosexuality, and not feminine behaviour. Their overrepresentation is due to the street culture of the areas where many Moroccan boys
As you can see, they try their hardest to actually say that Islam is NOT a problem. So, even though most attacks on gays in Amsterdam are from Muslims, Islam is certainly not the problem. Oh, I see!


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