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Friday, March 27, 2009

Multiculturalism gone crazy...

Why on earth should there be a special seat for so-called minorities???
An openly gay Valparaiso University Student Senator has been removed from her seat because Valparaiso University administrators say being gay is does qualify her as a minority student.

In February, Tia Kolasa, an openly gay undergraduate at a Northern Indiana’s Valparaiso University, was overwhelming voted by her classmates to fill a student senate seat that had been designated for minority students. Kolasa sought to fill the vacant minority-designated seat so she could represent the gay community on campus.

Our sources at the school say she is well liked and popular with her peers on the senate. They also say she was doing “a great job” as a senator.

But a few weeks after Kolasa assumed her new responsibilities as a student senator, Valparaiso University officials informed the student senate that under its bylaws sexual orientation did not qualifying as a minority status, and directed that Kolasa be removed from that seat.
No seats should be designated for 'minority' students. Merit should be the only principle in play. Perhaps this is a lesson to gay people about how absurd some of this stuff is....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on Fred

Merit should by the only qualification in life


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