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Monday, March 09, 2009

Why did Canada stop this speaker???

Would it have been outrageous for him to continue?
Canada's top diplomat at the United Nations in Geneva used his position as debate chair to cut short an accredited speaker as he detailed anti-Semitism in Islamic-sourced books.

The action by Ambassador Marius Grinius took place in the UN's Human Rights Council, where Muslim and Arab countries regularly deliver harangues against the "Zionist Entity" — a term many of them use to describe Israel.

He said David Littman, delivering a joint statement for the Association for World Education and the World Union for Progressive Judaism, had been "off topic" as the chamber debated a series of human rights reports.

Littman said his bid to call for a "universal condemnation" of defamations of Judaism was appropriate because a report dealing with freedom of expression and hate speech had been at the top of the agenda list.

"There was no valid reason for me to be stopped by the chair," he wrote in a letter of protest to Grinius Monday.

"We are constantly stopped by points of order by (Muslim) delegates . . . It is very depressing to be censored this time by the Canadian chairman."


Anonymous Toronto Real Estate said...

It's just a way of censoring everything. Not wanting to hear the truth, the things that really matter. It can be commonly seen these days all around the globe. I personally hate censorship, it's a shame that it always has to be included in every part of our lives.

Take care, Julie

7:26 AM  

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