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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just why are these students in University???

They're not learning...or rather, they are....and it's just crap....
The student union at a Calgary college offered an apology to the entire country on Wednesday after reports surfaced the group wasn't rehanging a giant Canadian flag because some considered it a symbol of "exclusion."

The Students Association of Mount Royal College made the apology, with an explanation, as a prominent Canadian historian slammed the original complaint as "idiocy."

The student group found itself in the crosshairs of upset students and nationalists this week over the fact a nine-metre Canadian flag hasn't been returned to the rafters of Wyckham House, a student centre, after a major renovation last fall.

The student union said it was planning to survey students about putting the flag back up after it received an unsigned letter objecting to the flag, claiming that "overt displays of patriotism can also be seen as exclusionary and even sometimes work to undermine democratic ideals."


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