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Monday, April 20, 2009

Now the British are talking to Hamas - by videoconference.....

First, they invited Hezbollah...and now this....
Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Meshal is to deliver an unprecedented videoconference address to a closed meeting of British MPs today. The Foreign Ministry is fuming over the event, which is going ahead despite pressure on senior British parliamentarians.

The event was arranged by MP Clare Short, who was ejected from the Labor Party a few years ago by then-prime minister Tony Blair. Short recently led a delegation of British MPs to meet with Meshal in Damascus.

Short extended personal invitations about a week ago to dozens of MPs to attend the videoconference, to be broadcast to a meeting room in the MPs' office building. A large number of MPs are expected to attend.

The Israeli Embassy in London tried unsuccessfully to get pro-Israel MPs to exert pressure to cancel the event.

Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor said Monday : "If Khaled Meshal would ask to enter the U.K., he would be denied, because the British government knows very well that Hamas is a terror organization. It is therefore a very serious matter when the British Parliament gets around this obstacle and opens its doors to a terror leader by means of a videoconference."
Don't they know that Hamas is a genocidal organization?


Blogger Thermblog said...

Don't they know that Hamas is a genocidal organization?In Palestine after WWII, the British ruling authority was abetting genocide so I'd say they don't really care what Hamas is.

My comment is not said lightly; the Brits were actively arranging for the Jews to lose the coming war in their nascent state. In fairness, there was a disconnection between the preached political philosophy and actions on the ground and it's not clear how far the deliberation reached. In a nutshell, there are many wonderful Brits but this did not stop the attempt to deny Jews a sanctuary 3 years after the Holocaust.

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