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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pakistan fires key architect of SWAT 'peace' deal....

A first-hand account of what is going on in Pakistan...
Pakistan's government fired an official who played a key role in crafting a peace deal that has given the Taliban control of the Swat Valley as militants partially pulled backed from a neighboring area they occupied this past week. The Taliban retreat from the Buner district back to their camps in Swat headed off what some feared was an imminent clash with the military. But government and Taliban officials said "local" Taliban were still in Buner, just 60 miles from Islamabad. The situation remained volatile and a growing number of Pakistani officials, foreign diplomats and analysts are saying it is only a matter of time before the Swat peace deal collapses. In one indication that Pakistan's leaders are beginning to question the deal, the top administrator for Swat and the surrounding areas, Syed Mohammed Javed, was fired Saturday for maintaining close contacts with a number of wanted Taliban commanders and, officials suspect, perhaps even al Qaeda's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is also wanted by the U.S.

Associated Press A senior security official said Mr. Javed could face punitive action for dealing with the wanted militants. The official did not provide any further details. Officials said Mr. Javed was instrumental in negotiating what now appears to be a very one-sided peace deal in Swat, a one-time Alpine vacation getaway where the army has pulled back and the Taliban have been allowed to impose a harsh brand of Islamic law, prohibiting men from shaving their beards and banning women from leaving their homes without male relatives. At the same time, the militants have kept their weapons and begun pressing into other districts, confirming the fears of many U.S. and Pakistani officials that Swat would become a base for the Taliban to push into the country's heavily populated heartland. Apart from Buner, the Taliban also made inroads this week into the Shangla district.


Blogger san said...

The Taliban are receiving support and guidance from hardliners comfortably hidden within the Pakistani establishment. This can plainly be seen from Taliban's rapid withdrawal from the newly-seized areas after the US hollered loudly enough against Pakistan.

The Pakistanis are playing a game of brinksmanship with the West. The hardliners within their military see Taliban and Islamist militants as the key to fighting off regional threats, whether from local separatist rebels or from neighboring rival India nextdoor.

The occurrence of 9/11 was seen by these Pakistani hardliners as "unfortunate" but not any real skin off their nose. They are therefore unwilling to part with their jihadist assets just because these happen to endanger the Western world. In fact, hardliners in Pakistan's military establishment would sooner covertly back the Taliban Islamists in a takeover of their entire state, than surrender to the demands of foreign infidel powers that jihadism be abandoned as a state policy.

Therefore Pakistan is playing a game of cat-and-mouse with the West. When they want to put pressure on the West, the Taliban will be given the green light to go ahead and make forays to grab more territory, which of course will be unopposed by the Pakistani state. When the US finally gets upset enough to threaten Pakistan with sufficiently dire consequences, or else ponies up more aid, then the Pakistanis signal their Taliban henchmen to immediately retreat.

This isn't much different than NKorea's similar blackmail game against the West. When they want something, they prepare a missile test or start up their nuclear reprocessing facilities. Finally, the West gets upset enough to either make a concession or else tighten sanctions, at which point the NKoreans back off. This gamesmanship is how rogue states pursue their survival and advance their interests.

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