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Sunday, April 12, 2009

University of Toronto prof lauds Israel Apartheid week....

James Reilly teaches middle eastern history at the University of Toronto and he just wrote a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star....
As someone who teaches modern Middle East history, I encourage my students to be critical of the ideological claims of ethnic nationalism, including Zionism. I observe as well that the highest profile campus activities associated with criticism of Israel – the annual "Israel Apartheid Week" – mobilize supporters on a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and anti-racist platform.
I'd hate to be in his class....he hates Israel and wants to destroy it...and he seems to think that bigotry in the name of 'anti-racism' is ok.


Anonymous Philanthropist said...

Another hate-filled 'progressive' academic....

you gotta feel bad for the students who have to get their tickets punched by attending this idiot's class, biting your tongue hurts after awhile...

3:00 AM  

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